The HCD Group works closely with some of the most successful operators in the UK industrial sector, offering a range of services that has expanded to include Building Control, Fire Engineering, CDM Co-ordinator services and Civil & Structural Engineering.

The HCD Group’s industrial experience is varied and extensive. We are the exclusive provider of Approved Inspector services to Honda Manufacturing Ltd and have worked for many years at the company’s Swindon manufacturing facility. This car plant employs 3,400 people and has an annual production capacity approaching 250,000 cars.

In delivering a plant-wide fire engineering strategy, we successfully implemented an evacuation policy that allowed longer un-compartmented travel distances than would previously have been the case. This escape philosophy introduced major efficiency savings to Honda, enabling it to significantly streamline its operations.

Challenging Industrial Facilities

We have worked on several equally challenging industrial facilities. These range from regional processing centres for Royal Mail, to environmentally controlled food, medical and clean room manufacturing plants.

Our warehouse and distribution centre experience is also extensive. We have played an important national role in roll-out programmes for self-storage operators such as Access Self Storage, Ravenbourne Own Your Own and Lok ‘n Store. Our clients have benefited from the delivery of a uniform and consistent service bringing with it security and real added value time and time again.

We have also worked with some of the country’s largest distribution centres. One example is the 1m sq ft Gap facility in Derby, the third largest of its kind in Britain. Meanwhile, supermarket giant, Sainsbury’s, continues to appoint HCD not just for its distribution warehouses, but also for its mainstream retail operations and its office and support facilities.

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