Fusion Fire Engineering is a National Consultancy that provide solutions to all aspects of fire safety design across the construction sector.

Why Fusion?
Fusion Fire Engineering aims to design and co-ordinate the fire safety strategy from inception to occupation of the development, exceeding individual clients' expectations, providing detailed and commercial advice early in the design process which encompasses all for the interested parties' requirements and ensuring late stage design changes are minimized.

We utilise all of the current international technical guidance and tools available and we are at the forefront of legislative change.  This allows for the formulation of a more risk-based approach to design by quantifying design decisions whilst also factoring client requirements, such as asset protection and business continuity, which form part of the wider client brief and encompass post-completion concerns.  We have wide experience in innovative solutions that do not readily fall in to the "code compliant" category, providing a methodology for building design based on the application of scientific and engineering principles.